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We are sorry to announce that there has been an immediate recall notice of all Frigg Silicone Dummies which takes place with immediate effect.

Why are the silicone dummies being recalled?

Ivy Distribution who are the UK distributors of Frigg Dummies state that there were a small number of defective dummies reported earlier in the year and since then Ivy Distribution have been personally and meticulously testing every individual unit that they distribute to all retailers in order to ensure safety of customers.


There have since been a few more instances of defective silicone dummies found outside of the UK.  Despite Ivy Distribution’s due diligence and their confidence in additional safety checks carried out in the UK, Frigg Production ApS have taken the initiative to recall all silicone dummy stock globally.


Frigg Production ApS state that they have a strong focus on product safety and quality and are currently re-engineering the design before releasing the Frigg Silicone dummies again.

Are Frigg Latex dummies affected too?

No, the recall only relates to the silicone (clear teat) dummies, the latex dummies remain safe to use.


What do I do if I have bought a Frigg Silicone Dummy?

Ivy Distribution have confirmed that they will handle the process of recalling the silicone dummies and are offering exchanges for two latex dummies for every one dummy that has been purchased in the last twelve weeks.  Please note that Frigg Latex Dummies are completely unaffected by the recall.  They will also deal with requests for refunds should you not wish to accept an exchange and any other requests or queries in respect of this recall.  


In order for Ivy Distribution to process the recall please register your details by completing the online form below.


Form for return/exchange:


Ivy Distribution have confirmed that they will only process orders that were placed within the last 12 weeks as the instructions for use of the dummies state that they should be replaced every 2 to 3 months. We understand that processing recalls for dummies bought in last 12 weeks only will not be satisfactory for people who have bought dummies for future use, please raise this in the online form and explain in the comments section so that Ivy Distribution can take into account all relevant circumstances.


Who do I contact if I want to discuss the recall further?

If you wish to discuss any details of the recall process further with Ivy Distribution please contact them directly at:



Telephone: 0208 488 2566

Current dispatch time 1-2 days.

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